Bird Strike Association of Canada

Association canadienne sur le péril aviaire

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The Bird Strike Association of Canada is dedicated to advancements in the field of wildlife hazard mitigation at airports.

The Association consists of individuals and organizations with responsibilities for and/or interests in the management of wildlife hazards at airports. The association is meant to provide a forum for communication of news, discussion, ideas and information that will enable those responsible for airport wildlife risk reduction to better perform their roles and to stay connected with others conducting airport wildlife mitigation work throughout Canada.

The association is guided by a Steering Committee with representatives from government, airports and the private sector. The association holds annual meetings and is the Canadian host of the North American Bird Strike Conference held jointly by BSAC and Bird Strike Committee-USA.

Membership is open to public and private organizations and to individuals.

Who is part of the BSAC?

  1. Puce Airports

  2. Puce Wildlife Hazard to Aircraft Managers

  3. Puce Wildlife Biologists

  4. Puce Airport Consultants

  5. Puce Airlines

  6. Puce ATC Personnel

  7. Puce Pilot Associations

  8. Puce Wildlife Hazard Prevention Equipment Suppliers

  9. Puce Wildlife Hazard Prevention Technology Providers

  10. Puce Department of National Defence (DND)

  11. Puce Transport Canada personnel

  12. Puce Aircraft Owners

  13. Puce Aircraft Manufacturers

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